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Who Needs to Holiday Abroad?

UK holidays this year are proving we do not need to fly away to enjoy a special treat. Two of my girls came home for August Bank Holiday and we enjoyed sparkling sunshine, an empty beach and swimming with seals! A wonderful mini adventure we will remember for years Holidays in North Devon were booked up quickly as restrictions lifted and families were desperate to get away; but many of our guests have been surprised to discover that a traditional UK beach holiday is more fun than they expected and are unlikely to ever take the family back to their regular Mediterranean "hot spots".

Guests staying this summer rekindled their love of a more traditional family holiday. We had visitors who were delighted that there was so much to do in North Devon, They realised in Greece, Turkey or Spain it was too hot to play games on the beach, too hot to enjoy cooking or eating out, too hot to go exploring or do many activities together as a family. Instead of making really special memories, it is all too easy to get overheated and grumpy and that precious time is spent lying on a sun lounger reading a book with the odd dip in a swimming pool.

Our visitors still enjoyed the pool and reading a book but also played games, went horse riding on the beach, learnt to surf, enjoyed long stomps along the cliffs or across the moor looking for puffins or deer; hired bicycles, built giant sandcastles, went crabbing, explored gardens, fishing villages, castles or tourist attractions, made their own cocktails and their own entertainment.... and LAUGHED! Several families said they could not remember the last time they had laughed so much! Really good quality time with family or friends is SO precious!