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We want to be rated as 5 -star in every review, by all our guests. Low Season maintenance and a really good update each year is vital in maintaining high standards in holiday rentals. It is always a quite time of year in November and I simply couldn't wait for the Black Friday sales! I have ordered two new fridges and two new smart TVs for Southclay and The Annex. We are having the pool table slate re-covered in fresh baize, did some painting a couple of weeks ago... and had lovely new stair and landing carpets fitted today! IT'S LOOKING PRETTY GOOD FOR A DULL DAY IN NOVEMBER!

Five Star Gold as rated by Visit England is quite a committment to maintain but we love the challenge of thinking of new and exciting ways to enhance the properties and keep them felling fresh and the standards of furnishings and equipment really high. We love it when our guests arrive and appreciate a five - star welcome but we love it even more when they exclaim outloud with a WOW!

Beautiful new stair and landing carpets were fitted today, thanks to local firm Bideford Carpets. The old carpets were just starting to look a little flat and faded. New carpets really improve the first impression when arriving in Southclay and we hope will add to the WOW. (Of course the best wow is always when guests look out of the window, but at this time of year....)