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No Trick or Treaters!

All dressed up and no one came to call! There was so much action in the village last night at both the Thatched Inn and The Big Sheep that obviously Steve and I couldn't compete!

The pumpkin was carved, candles were lit, the spider webs and skeletons arranged, and a huge orange flag wishing everyone a "Happy Holloween", flapped in the rain outside last night. It was obviously not enough to tempt anyone to bravely knock on the door on a rather damp Halloween evening and I gave fist-fulls of chocolate and sweets to our guests for the four and a half hour journey home this morning!.... It could be a journey more dreadfull than anything that that happened yesterday as the two boys fill up with sugar and E numbers in the back of the car!

I could suggest I made Steve dress up and sit with me on the bottom of the stairs all night waiting for a "Trick-or-Treater" (see picture) but strangely he was very late home from work, then unhappily tucked into his "dead men's fingers and slime" for dinner!

Jacquie and Steve Willoughby waiting for someone to knock on the door at Halloween