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Family Reunion October 2019

Milestone birthdays, anniversaries or just to catch up... making time for friends or family is a lovely way to celebrate a special occasion. A quality rental property, like Southclay and The Annex, with heaps of space to all get together and be sociable but also space for everyone to do their own thing is priceless. Taking time out and making memories to treasure is probably the best gift of all.

As children get older and families and friends scatter, quality time together to celebrate a special birthday or anniversary or just time to catch up becomes really important.

Birthday Cake at Saunton SandsMy wonderful Mum celebrated her 80th birthday last weekend and we had 42 family from all over the UK and Europe getting together (and my eldest daughter managed to get back from Australia!) It was a treat for us all, not just for Mum who was clucking like a mother hen with all her brood around her!

Since we were quite a crowd, we decided to spend the weeeknd at Saunton Sands Hotel, just the other side of Bideford Bay. It was not far from home or particularly adventurous but worked really well. We ate and drank far too much (we had a lovely meal cooked for us all on Saturday night), we played on the beach, we chilled in the Spa, we just hung out and caught up on the gossip!

We often have guests staying in Southclay or The Annex who do much the same. Spending quality time together (a few days rather than just a few hours) can make memories to really treasure, what better gift can anyone think of?

Southclay sleeps 10-12; The Annex sleeps 4 - 6 people (making a maximum of 18 guests)

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